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Cover for Electric Plug Screw - Short Circuit Protection! __________________________________________________________________ We have developed the Cover for Electric Plug Screw for electroplated metal Pattress back boxes FLUSH MOUNTED BS4662 2006 standard with box depth of 25mm, 35mm, 47mm. Our plug is made of high-density polyethylene and has good dielectric and heat resistance properties. Now we want to tell you about the main thing that bothers and worries everyone. How to remove the protective film from the double sided sellotape, that we install manually? It is very easy to do this without removing the protective gloves since the film is much larger than the surface of the cover. Indeed, we spent a lot of time to choose the right glue base and to easily remove the protective film. The base is acrylic adhesive with heat resistance up to 160 ° C. Its remarkable composition makes it possible to perfectly attach our plastic cover to the clean surface of a metal back box. The actions of the glue begin immediately after removing the protective film. Its special design is protected by Certificate of Registration for a UK Design No. 6115213 and our trademark No. UK00003662681. It is great that there are experienced electricians who do their job efficiently and meet all the requirements when testing electrical wiring. But there is always a possibility for human error, which can lead to a bigger problem and has to be solved. We will be happy to assist every customer with resolution. It takes time for people to adapt to every innovation. Our product is not an exception. But we are confident that our Cover for Electric Plug Screw will become popular.

Cover for electric plug screw (Large) Pack of 10pcs

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